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Nairobi Kenya

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The Othaya Group is dedicated to building luxury, upmarket developments in Kenya.

We construct individual homes and apartments, excelling in design and craftsmanship that represent our customers' taste, style and personality. 

Our homes and apartments are regarded as unique, modern and practical and our commitment to understanding the needs of our clients is understood by every member of our team. 



Exquisite architecture, stunning design and impeccably built, a home built with logs can truly become a work of art.

In collaboration with one of the world's leading manufacturers in log construction, The Honka Group, The Othaya Group has brought the innovative concept of Log Homes to Kenya. 

Log homes are energy efficient and more environmentally friendly in comparison to regular stone and concrete buildings.  Natural log construction is on the "green" list, in part because it eliminates many of the toxic materials used in insulating traditional buildings. Today's log homes are both contemporary and traditional, with a style to suit every taste. 

A log home can be a great place to live, a substantial investment, and a status symbol for homeowners. As long as people are educated about what living and building a log home entails, they can find themselves with an amazing home they will be proud of. 

Log homes are, in essence, 30% more expensive than traditional homes, however, the timeframe to build a log home is 50% less than that of a traditional stone or brick house. 

The Othaya Group has a number of log projects, varying from apartments to boutique hotels in Kenya. 

If you are interested in building your very own log home, a log home estate or a log office space, we are happy to meet with you and discuss ideas, concepts and to commence construction. Please Contact Us to arrange an appointment.