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Nairobi Kenya

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The Othaya Group is dedicated to building luxury, upmarket developments in Kenya.

We construct individual homes and apartments, excelling in design and craftsmanship that represent our customers' taste, style and personality. 

Our homes and apartments are regarded as unique, modern and practical and our commitment to understanding the needs of our clients is understood by every member of our team. 



It’s tangible, it’s solid, it’s beautiful, it’s artistic ... It’s real estate.
— Donald Trump

How we work

We believe that the best homes are designed around the needs and expectations of our clients. Our homes are designed to fit in with our clients' lifestyles which express their personality in a truly unique way. 

Our process begins by getting to know our clients' needs, their expectations and by closely analysing the land available for construction. It begins by getting to know our clients' tastes and requirements and this forms the basis for all the work that we do. 

It is only after this that we sit down with Block 45, The Othaya Group's preferred architects, to set about a project brief and budget allowing us to move to the next phase of the construction process. 

The construction site is then inspected and surveyed contour details are obtained. We then set about creating and designing the homes or apartments, based on the type of material that would most suit the land, whether it be log or stone to provide an overall picture of what the outcome of the project will be. Block 45, will then create concept floor plans and elevations, interiors are mapped out and finishes refined prior to the commencement of construction. 

Once designs and budgets are approved, we liaise with all the relevant government authorities to get the required licenses and permits for construction. 

Ideally, how much of the work our clients would like us to do is up to them. Very often our clients entrust us with every aspect of their house, from interiors and landscape design, to furniture selection. It ensures that all the elements of the homes work together seamlessly and form a statement of style and luxury. 

This step-by-step process ensures that every home receives the utmost personal care and commitment from our team as the homes we build make a bold statement about our clients individuality and style.

Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss our process or have a query that needs answering, we are happy to schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can work together to create a unique project.


The Othaya Group